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Establishment of a new party in Turkey with the name “Alternative and Change Party”

          Ankara Anatolia news agency (30.11.08) reported the following from Ankara:

“Alternative and Change Party [Alternatif ve Degisim Partisi] (AL Party) Chairman Mustafa Resit Burkan has said that his party ‘will not be a place of division, polarization, disputes, or crises.’
At a news conference held in Neva Palas, Burkan noted that AL Party, which has been founded with the aim of turning Turkey into a great powerful state of the modern era, is an alternative, both in words and in deed.

        Pointing out that they will not conduct politics by way of dispute and antagonism, Burkan said, ‘Our party will not be a place of division, polarization, disputes, or crises.’

        Arguing that Turkey's fundamental problems are ‘unemployment, poverty, bans, corruption, and basic rights and freedoms of groups that have been outcast from the mainstream society,’ Burkan criticized the government's policies.

        Burkan called on deputies to join AL Party and added that the party needs 20 deputies in order to participate in local elections and reconstruct politics.

        Saying games cannot be played over votes of the public before local elections, Burkan added, ‘Do not underestimate this public; it is impossible to predict what this public will do at the ballot.’ 

       Following his statement, Mustafa Resit Burkan announced the results of a survey conducted with the participation of 1,129 persons and 108 nongovernmental organizations.”

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